The Beauty Wishlist - Korean Skin care & Western Make up

8:00 AM

The beauty junkie that I'm is never satisfied and only wants more. Mixing up some Western love with Asian love, here's my current beauty wishlist.

(Ps : It's an interactive wishlist ! You can click on the pictures to view the products)


1 - Nature Republic - Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser

Nature Republic's cleanser version of their famous Aloe Vera gel. I need a new a foam cleanser, and what's better than soothing aloe vera ?

2 - Mizon - Good Night White Sleeping Mask

I still have to go through my Laneige Sleeping Mask but after hearing good things about Mizon's Good Night White sleeping mask, I can't help myself but want it now.

3 - The Face Shop - Rice Water bright cleansing Milk

This cleansing milk would be the second part process of my double cleansing. Rice Water is good for brightening, and back in the days when I had time for it, I would use actual rice water to do the trick so this cleansing milk from The Face Shop is something I really want to try out, plus, it's cheap !

4 - Banila Co - Clean It Zero 

Okay, now this is something I really want. It's not me just wanting it, I need it ! I never tried cleansing balms and after debating with myself about trying Sum:37's cleansing balm or Banila Co's famous "Clean It Zero", I decided to go with the cheaper alternative. Did I mention the fact that seeing Song Jihyo using it live to remove her makeup helped out a lot in that decision ?

5 - Mizon - AHA & BHA Daily Toner

Another universally loved product. I don't use any toner currently and never actually tried any acids containing product (other than sheet masks). I heard good things about this product, and my clogged pore (make up anybody ?) would be happy to try this product. 

6 - Beauty Blender

I don't think I need to introduce this beauty tool. Everyone loves it, everyone uses it, and yet it's only now that Sephora France decided to sell it. Better late than never !

7 - Nars - Amour blush

 I'm actually pretty sorry that I keep introducing Nars make up product but every since trying their Sheer Glow foundation, I kind of became a NARSissist. I'm thinking that they could turn a girl who never wears blush to loving it ? Amour is a matte peachy blush that I personally think would suit my skin tone, the only thing left is : Will I like it or not ?

8 - Nars - Ita Brush

 If you didn't notice it already, every western make up brands are falling into the contouring frenzy. This NARS brush could replace my cheap and flimsy current angled brush from ELF but this Ita Brush is so expensive that I never got myself to buy it  yet. The splurge isn't needed but wanted !

9 - Bobbi Brown - Stick Foundation  

Last but not least, because I like to test different things and ways to use products, Bobbi Brown's stick foundation is something I want to try not as a foundation but as a cream contour. I'm thinking shade 7 Almond could work out but I still need to test things first. One thing is sure, sooner or later I'll get this little stick foundation.

Some of these will be ordered on an upcoming Testerkorea order, so do keep an eye on that ! As for the Western makeup.. Will I splurge ? My wallet is already bursting into tears at the mere thought of it !

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2 commentaires

  1. I want to try the Mizon Sleeping Mask! I've heard a lot of good things about it. I also feel you on being a NARSissist. I've been keeping my eye on the Amour blush as well but I have to repurchase the Laguna bronzer first. :)

  2. I'm not a huge advocate of blush on me so I'm hoping I'll like it ! About the Mizon Sleeping Mask, I might get the tube version instead of the jar one, because it's easier that way.


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