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This time I'm back with an article about the very core of beauty : natural ingredients. This won't be about any manufactured product sold by some popular brand, but about ingredients that are loved and well-known in the beauty world.

Instead of buying beauty products with these two ingredients, why not just buy the natural ingredient and make the most of it ?

Argan Oil

I've been that old aunt mumbling about the same thing over and over again in the previous posts but here, another layer : My skin is suffering from extreme dryness these days, winter season is to blame here. I've used creams and I've even been planning to buy more high end creams (does Clinique ring a bell ?) to fight off this dryness of mine. But then I'm across the absolute perfection that is Argan Oil.

I don't think I need to introduce what Argan Oil but let's go over its main benefits :

 - Moisturizing properties :
Argan oil is most commonly used as a skin moisturizer to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. It absorbs easily and is non-greasy and non-irritating, which makes it a great natural moisturizer.
It also has natural anti-aging properties and is usable from acne-prone and oily skin as well. I know that there's this popular belief that oily skins should stay away from any form of oil and stick the mattifying cream and such.. But using those products actually worsen your case, your skin will produce more oil to overcome the mattifying effect of your products. By using argan oil, or any other type of moisturizing oil for that matter, you're tricking your skin into believing that it doesn't need to produce more oil as Argan Oil is already deeply moisturizing your skin.


How to use it without any effort 

 I use Argan oil in it's purest form and way possible : I've poured the oil into a essence/serum drop container and apply 3 to 4 dropsskin onto my skin and massage it in. Argan oil gets really quickly absorbed by the skin, isn't greasy or thick in any way and leaves your supple, soft and moisturized.

It goes well under makeup as well, I use it every morning as a moisturizer and I did notice that my nose gets less shiny (Sheer Glow to blame here) ever since I've started to use Argan Oil.



Now, that we've got the moisture part covered, let's get into the acne part. Oatmeal is a natural ingredient you can literally find in any supermarket. A few years ago, when I had that teenager acne mode going on, I swore by Oatmeal. Now I rarely use it anymore, just from time to time if I break out badly or need a natural boost of brightness to my skin.

Oatmeal has the ability to relieve to redness, dryness, irritations and has a lot of anti-oxidants properties. Used everyday, not only did my skin cleared up a lot but it was also instantly brighter.

How to use it without any effort 

I used to get a bit of oatmeal into my palm and then add a little bit of lukewarm water and just cleanse my face with it. The little bits of oatmeal provide a little bit of exfoliation and leaves your skin softer. 

I was using a bio type of oatmeal, I guess you can use any type of oatmeal but do check the ingredients to see if there's any type of chemical preservation ingredient, because if that's the case I would naturally not recommend putting that on your face. 

If any of you tried, or will try one of these two ingredients , keep me posted ! I loved using Oatmeal and am currently loving Argan Oil. If you want a natural oil that's even more hydrating and a bit thicker, I recommend using almond oil (which is also good for under eye darkness) for the same moisturizing properties.

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4 commentaires

  1. I used to love oatmeal when I had acne too! I'm not really sure if it actively helped with the acne but it was very nice to use and I absolutely loved the smell! Don't really use it anymore too because it gets so messy.. but more people should know about it :)

  2. I remember the first time I used oatmeal as a cleanser/face mask. LOVE AFTER FIRST WASH. It really is amazing, albeit a little messy but totally worth it for the natural glow it leaves you.

  3. I don't use it anymore either but It definitely made huge difference in my skin back then !

  4. The after glow and soothing properties of oatmeal are definitely what made -the lazy- me use it constantly ;)


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