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That small hiatus took a bit longer than planned ! Finals madness over, I took the liberty of taking a couple of extra weeks to blow some steam off before coming back and going back to work. The semester's over but the student in me is going to start a summer job. Last year, was a summer job in one of the world's biggest bank in one of the world most renown avenue : Les Champs-Elysées. Well, for this year, we'll see where it goes, for now, I have a bunch of Etude House's 101 Pencils in action !

These pencils are pretty popular in the Asian Beauty community for being relatively cheap and multi-functional. As seen here (click on the picture to enlarge it), the finish of the pencils ranges from matte, creamy, glitter, glossy to shimmer. Depending on the finish of the pencils you can use them on your eyes as eyeshadow (glitter, shimmering, creamy) , as eyeliner (glitter, matte, creamy, shimmer), on your lips as lip liner (matte) or lipstick (glossy for instance). You can also use them as blush and some of the lighter creamy colors can be used as concealer for lighter skin tones. 

Having a few of those pencils in your makeup pouches are perfect for on-the-go touch-ups of basically, your whole face makeup !

I wanted to try them for a while and got them in this haul from Testerkorea.

The product

I have here :
- Shade #5 : A pearly gold color with a glitter finish
- Shade #11 : An orange coral with a creamy finish
- Shade #12 : A red with slightly orange undertones with a glossy finish
- Shade #21 : A red with a glossy finish
- Shade #22 : A darker shade of red with glossy finish
- Shade #49 : A dark shade of brown with a matte finish


The pencils come in what I call the best packaging ever for pencils which is the automatic type : You only need to twist the bottom part to get the product out, no need for sharpeners and all that jazz anymore. BUT , remember about those different types of finishes ? Glossy and creamy finish tend to lose their shape and go flat as you apply them, for a more precise application , Etude House thought about including sharpeners at the bottom of each pencils.  
The end of the pencils are all colored with the shade of said pencil, making it easier for storage and grabbing the color you want. 

My thoughts

These pencils retail for approximately 7$ or less depending on where you get them, as I mentioned there's a broad range of colors and finishes, with that, you are bound to find a pencil that could work out for you. I love the fact that these pencils are multi functional, you can get the most out of them and you also get a good amount of product for the price.
The pigmentation of each of the pencils I bought was good, shade 5 which was a glitter finish needs a bit more swaps to get some color as the first swaps delivers glitter. You can see on the swatches below how pigmented are each of the pencils in one swap (left swatch of each color).
Etude House didn't say nor marketed anything about longevity, so these aren't supposed to be long lasting. Depending on the finish once again, they can last a long time like glitter finishes which are trickier to remove and matte finishes that tend to stay put. However, I do want to mention that I bought shade #49 Dark Brown as a eyeliner and waterline liner and I found that It didn't stay on pretty long, but I should also add that I have quite watery eyes so that wasn't surprising.
As for the blendability, you guessed it, it depends on the finishes once again. The #49 which is matte wasn't blendable at all, the glossy and creamy finish are easily blendable. I did succeed in blending the shade #11 (coral one) on my cheeks to use it as blush, it wasn't long lasting but it was pretty seamless and easy to use.

As an overall, the results you will get will depend on the finishes of each pencils, I do recommend these pencils because they are easy to find with a wide range of colors and finished (most of the K-Beauty e-shops carry these), not expensive, and quite easy to use.


I took pictures of the swatch in both indoor and outdoor lighting :

I do want to mention that I got shade #5 as an inner eye corner highlighter, if you read my NYE post, you would know that I love highlighting with yellow/gold shades and well, the glitters were a bit too much for my taste. I usually go for a more natural looking makeup, so heads up : The glittery pencils are truly glittery, if you're not into that, I guess the shimmery finish would be lovely (should've grab one !).

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